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Gorilla Snot Rival **New...Lower Price**

Drumsticks, literally, stick to the bottom of your open palm!

7x more sticky stuff, much stickier than Gorilla Snot.... and just one application lasts waaaaaaay longer

"Stickier Than Snot" is a stick grip formula to help keep the drumstick in the drummers hand and prevent it from flying across the stage, hitting the guitar player upside the head.

Great for finger picks (plastic and metal), too. Protect your drummer from flying picks.

So you players out there; try some "Stickier Than Snot" gripping compound and hold onto those sticks while playing drums. Moisture resistant and long-lasting."Stickier Than Snot" is a gripping aid. It has been developed by and for professionals who demand flexibility, functionality, and efficiency in the tools of their trade. "Stickier Than Snot" reacts with your body's heat output to retain a steady grip on picks drumsticks, bows, and any other hard to grip instruments.

How Do I Use "Stickier Than Snot"?

Simply, peel off some of the paper wrapper and rub it on your stick or pick (obviously, where you grip it) or any surface that needs stickyfication. It forms a tacky surface that is moisture resistant and long lcompare2asting.

This is a big stick of grippy stuff and contains waaaay more than the other stuff ever did.

One stick should last a very long time. SnotStick_web1

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Buy 1st tube and get 2nd and 3rd at discount

** shipping within continental US only **



P.S. Seriously, I'm a working drummer and one tube is lasting me more than about a year. I used to go though about 10 little vials of Gorilla Snot, in that same amount of time, and it didn't stick half as well. You pickers out there; one tube might just be a lifetime supply.